Love for the land since 1928

The farm, founded in 1928 by brothers Sergio and Sante Delle Monache, was dedicated to animal husbandry, the cultivation of various qualities of vegetables and mainly olive growing, with particular attention to the research of new techniques of cultivation, pruning and fertilization, for which it availed itself of the collaboration of several experts and research institutes.

uliveto tamia leccio

The territory and the olive trees

Our land is located in the heart of the territory that belonged to the ancient Etruscan people, the Tuscia, in the immediate vicinity of Vetralla, a town that has always been strongly linked to the culture and traditions of the olive tree and olive oil and in a central position in the Tuscia Protected Designation of Origin – D.O.P. TUSCIA. Of volcanic origin, they are rich in minerals particularly suitable for the cultivation of olive trees, located on gentle hills at an altitude of around 280 meters above sea level with an optimal exposure to the south-west and have a total extension of 20 hectares.

The over 2,500 olive trees, some of which are centuries old, are arranged at a distance of at least 6 meters from each other, optimal to allow ventilation of the foliage and enjoy full sunlight, divided into sectors according to cultivars (varieties of olive tree). This arrangement allows a harvest of fruits selected by cultivar, useful to find a perfect balance for the production of our Extra Virgin. The fruits of our Olivi Canino, Frantoio, Leccino, the most common varieties in Tuscia, and Moraiolo and Maurino, wisely united in the right proportions, give life to an Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a rich and unique taste.


The Azienda Agricola 1928 was founded by the Delle Monache brothers, who dedicated themselves to olive growing with a particular attention to the research of new cultivation techniques.


The company stands out for the advanced techniques used and wins the first national awards in the olive growing field.


The Ministry of Agriculture chooses our olive groves as the site for an experiment on planting and fertilization methods devised by Luigi Sommaini (Institute of Agricultural Chemistry of Rome), one of the most famous agronomist, able to increase the quantity of production and the quality of extra virgin olive oil. Thanks to the results obtained, still known today as the "Sommaini Method", a turning point was marked in the field of olive growing and the cultivation of tree plants.


The company becomes the exclusive property of Sergio Delle Monache who is particularly focused on the care of the olive growing department, continuing research and experimentation in order to improve the quality of the oil produced, including the continuous collaboration with the Ispettorato Agrario di Viterbo and research institutions.


Francesco delle Monache, who shared with his father the love for the land and the olive trees, now an established geologist, actively participates in an important research of 4 years conducted by ENEA in collaboration with the University of Tuscia, Cooperativa Energia and the Province of Viterbo, on olive growing in the territory of Tuscia, the results of which are presented at a conference at the same University and made known by Aeneas with the publication Aspetti Tecnici ed Economici dell'Olivicoltura Viterbese, of which Francesco was co-author. More than 40 analytical and sensory parameters of more than 100 samples were compared and the results confirmed that the oil of Vetralla, if produced with particular care and attention, is among the absolute best.


Once the quality of the glass oil was definitively established and taking advantage of the growing ecological drives of those years, the new challenge became to obtain an increasingly healthy oil, able to fully satisfy its customers, made up of people aware, demanding, competent and attentive to a healthy diet. So, at the end of the nineties, Francesco delle Monache was one of the first, both to undertake the process of conversion to organic farm, and to achieve the qualification of O.N.A.O. oil taster.


The farm "Sergio Delle Monache" is definitively relaunched and with it all its heritage, made of history, passion, traditions, culture, experimentation, organic breakthroughs and products of excellence with the birth of Tamìa extra virgin olive oil, an authentic, artisanal and healthy product: it is rich in polyphenols.


Present in the most important sector guides with excellent judgements, Tamìa oils are awarded national and international prizes, winning, among many others, the BEST OIL IN THE ORGANIC WORLD DELICATED by NYIOOC - New York International Olive Oil Competition.


Tamìa wins 9 other international awards, including BEST OIL IN THE ORGANIC DELICATE WORLD at the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition. To these are added the prestigious packaging awards: "Le forme dell'olio" in Milan, "Orii del Lazio" in Rome, "Terrolivo" in Jerusalem and "Innovative Packaging" in Los Angeles, just to name a few.

Nov 09, 2017

An Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a rich and unique taste