Chef Andrea Fanti, the “provocative” cuisine of Tuscia

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Let’s talk about Olio Tamìa together with another young and talented chef. Andrea Fanti, originally from Florence, is the guide of the restaurants Croma Lago and Croma Terra, located respectively in the area of Ronciglione and Nepi, enchanting villages of Tuscia.

In his kitchens, Andrea expresses all his creativity, making each of his dishes “provocative” with combinations that are often impervious and risky, but which prove to be trump cards for the chef and his staff every time. The goal is to always look for something new and surprising to present to diners. This is another reason why Tamìa felt immediately at home with every product.

Chef, tell us about your first encounter with Olio Tamìa

I met Olio Tamìa for the first time when I was still working in Modena. It was love at first sight, a product of the highest quality that won me over immediately. To enrich everything, Pietro Re and his partners, who from the first meeting were able to make me understand the love and passion they put into their company and into the production of each type of Tamìa Olive Oil. It was a pleasure to listen to their story and see the respect that each of them put into this precious fruit of the earth. Among the things that amazed me right away, also the careful division and selection of the different varieties of olive oils, each dedicated to specific dishes and flavors. Something that was extremely pleasant to discover. You can see that they are people close to the gastronomic and technical needs of us chefs.

What type of Tamìa olive Oil do you prefer in your restaurant kitchens?

At Croma Lago and Croma Terra we use practically every type of Tamìa Olive Oil available. Even the new olive oils, among the favorites of our customers during tastings, it is not unusual for someone to fall in love with it to the point of asking me for a few bottles. It is an olive oil that remains imprinted, undoubtedly, but above all it is healthy, and today’s cuisine is particularly attentive to this particular characteristic.

officina visiva croma lago chef andrea fanti lago di vico 2

If you had to choose? Which would be your absolute favorite?

Definitely Tamia Green. With these crazy tomato, almost balsamic notes, it’s something unique. It’s fresh and lends itself to so many uses. I’ve used it to make an ice cream, an oil and hazelnut crumble… it’s an olive oil that really drives me crazy for the thousands of uses it lends itself to. Even raw it is phenomenal and never loses its many facets. Not that the other qualities are any less, on the contrary. Each of them is able to speak for itself, as if they had a soul which cannot remain hidden when placed on a plate.

Tell us about some particular pairings.

I use Tamìa Olive Oil for almost every dish. Even on the stove, because it is an olive oil that holds up very well even at high temperatures. In particular, however, the prawn Bloody Mary is a particularly successful dish that I always like to talk about. It is a pink shrimp battuta positioned in a ring on the plate with a slightly spicy bloody mary cocktail inside. The whole thing is closed with a celery mayonnaise and Tamia Green oil. The olive oil in this case acts as a conductor to the tasters palate and the tomato notes, in this case, are a fantastic upgrade to each of the flavors on the plate. It is among the dishes that stick with our customers the most.

andrea fanti bloody mary gambero
Prawn Bloody Mary

Do you also use Tamìa products for your “private” kitchen?

The bottle of Tamìa Olive Oil at home is never missing! At least a couple of them, in fact, are always with me. Mine is also a form of respect towards a unique product and producer. There are very few of them who, from season to season, come to you, personally, to let you taste the new productions. A truly impressive customer care that stays in your heart. Even when I was in Modena, the appointment with Tamìa was a fixed stop.

Before we say goodbye, tell us about your work-what kind of cooking is yours?

I am a lover of local products and territory, so I chose to come back and open something of my own. We work mainly with sea food at Croma Lago and land food at Croma Terra. Ours is a cuisine that seeks provocation, close to what is the taste of countercurrent ingredients, impactful and well defined. I chose to bring to the table only the substance and defined flavors, impossible not to recognize.

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