Bag in Box: our olive oil container

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Today we want to introduce the new revolutionary packaging for high quality extra virgin olive oil: the Bag in Box. An olive oil container with tap. Comfortable, sustainable and ecological.

Tamia close to families and the planet

A great product like Olio Tamia also has a great responsibility behind it. We have always been committed and worked to produce a superior olive oil, an oil that creates a healthy addiction. Today we can say that we have succeeded. Tamia, in fact, is considered by many of our customers to be irreplaceable, the family extra virgin olive oil they would not give up for anyone else.

But this is not enough, we at Tamia have set ourselves a new goal to overcome: sustainability.

For this reason we have studied and created a new package, the “Bag in Box”. A practical container for olive oil that does not alter the quality of our products.

Presentazione della Bag in Box Tamìa

What is it about? A container for oil with tap in ecological format for the well-being of the family and the planet.

The same oil that you would find in glass bottles is contained inside the Bag in Box: same quality, same production, same processing. A simply larger format that allows you to break down:

  • All ancillary costs for the creation of aesthetic packaging (bottles, caps, labels, capsules, etc.);
  • Emissions from their production, -90%;
  • The waste deriving from their disposal, -70%.

The price you will pay will only include the cost for the primary good: olive oil. It is always us, it is always the same olive oil. We just took off our unnecessary “clothes” and highlighted what is really important for our company: high quality extra virgin olive oil.

The advantages of our oil container

Our olive oil container. Practicality and quality at the same time.
Our olive oil container. Practicality and quality at the same time.

The new format, used for the distribution of oil, is extremely advantageous because it allows the product to be preserved in the best possible way, without the penetration of oxygen and light, factors responsible for the oxidation phenomenon.

The Bag in Box is much more convenient than tin containers because it has already inserted the measuring tap inside. It is never greasy, it is never dirty and it is also highly sustainable for the environment. Just consider that a 5-liter Bag in Box saves waste equal to 10 glass bottles, 10 capsules and 10 labels.

Same great quality as always, in a large format, for a great saving.

Let’s see how it works

How does a Bag in Box work?

Come si usa la nostra Bag in Box

The outer box protects the bag inside, which stores the oil in the dark and without the passage of oxygen. To use it, there is no need to open the box; the only thing you have to do, once you receive the bag, is to pull out the tap.

The practical Bag in Box tap is easy to prepare
The practical Bag in Box tap is easy to prepare
  1. Place the box on a table, so that it rests on the long side opposite the tap.
  2. Press on the black circle, trying to move your thumb from the center to the sides while pressing.
  3. Once the black cardboard cap is removed, remove it and lift up the dotted cardboard tab adjacent to the side.
  4. Insert your hand and remove the tap, placing it in the circular hole. Once secured, close the side tab.

To make it work, you have to put the box vertically, with the tap facing down, and remove the safety protection from the tap. For correct and easy dispensing, put your thumb on the upper green part and place your index and middle fingers in the two side flaps.

With our Bag in Box tap you don't waste a single drop.
With our Bag in Box tap you don’t waste a single drop.

The amount of olive oil that comes out of the tap depends on the intensity used in pressing the tap. Press gently to release the oil in single drops, or more vigorously if you want to pour the oil slowly. Just remove your fingers from the tap and the liquid flow stops immediately, without dripping and without dirtying.

A practical and quick solution to use when cooking dishes or in condiments. The bag in box, light and compact, can be stored in the kitchen cabinets and used when necessary. There is no need to pour the oil, nor to keep a thousand containers (for cooking, for dressing, to bring to the table, etc.). Just one container for olive oil is enough: the Bag in Box.

A unique and handy solution for a thousand uses in the home.

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