Three leaves awards for Tamìa, among the best olive oils in Italy of 2021

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Tamia oil among the best extra virgin olive oils 2021

Tamia Monocultivar Maurino Bio has received the “Three Leaves Award”, a prestigious award given by Oli d’Italia 2021 of Gambero Rosso, the guide to the best 100% Italian quality extra virgin olive oils.

Tamia olive oil: the 2021 prizes awarded by Gambero Rosso’s Oli d’Italia

Tamìa Maurino Biologico received the prestigious three leaves award from Oli d’Italia by Gambero Rosso for 2021. This means that Tamìa’s Organic Maurino has returned to the final selections of the best Italian extra virgin olive oils with a score of over 90/100: absolute excellence in taste and quality.

In the final selections, at the limit of maximum appreciation, two-leaves prizes are awarded to the products: Tamia Gold Bio and Tamia Monocultivar Caninese Bio.

Great satisfaction for these awards which recognized our commitment to the production of an olive oil of great quality in flavor and composition, with great attention to the entire production process.

Olive Oils of Italy: the annual guide to the best extra virgin olive oils of Italy

Gambero Rosso’s Oli d’Italia guide, this year in its 11th edition, leads to the discovery of a fascinating and complex world like that of extra virgin olive oil. Each bottle of extra virgin olive oil tells about a territory, an oil mill and a particular cultivar. Different tastes and aromas that map the territorial and productive diversities.

Oli d’Italia highlights the best extra virgin olive oils of Italy considering the appearance of the taste, the aroma on the palate and the nutritional principles contained in them. Italian olive oils have the best value for money compared to oils produced in the rest of the world, extra virgin olive oils with certified organic labels are those that prove to have a high and above all true quality. The winners are the “Italian extra virgin olive oils” which are characterized by organoleptic scents, production correctness and product quality.

The prizes awarded to the best extra virgin olive oils in Italy

Among the prizes for the best Italian oils awarded by the Gambero Rosso Oli d’Italia guide are:

  • STAR: companies that have been awarded the Three Leaves award for 10 years in a row;
  • Three leaves: companies that with their products represent the maximum expression of made in Italy olive oil for the harvest completed at the beginning of the year;
  • Two leaves: companies that scored in the final, therefore at the limit of maximum recognition, with products judged as very good and perfect in terms of harmony of flavors;
  • One leaf: the participating companies that produce more than discrete oils and in general worthy of a note of interest.

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