Bibenda Guide 2021 awarded Tamìa Caninese

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Another important milestone for Tamìa in 2021. An evaluation of excellence assigned to the monocultivar extra virgin olive oil coming from Caninese organic olives for the 2020 harvest. 5 Drops awarded by the Bibenda Guide.

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Bibenda Guide 2021: what is it about?

The Bibenda Guide is an editorial belonging to the Italian Sommelier Foundation. A compendium that represents the point of reference for those who are passionate about the world of Wine and Catering or for those who work there. For some time now, the Bibenda Guide has also collected the best producers of Extra Virgin Olive Oil every year.

The extra virgin olive oils evaluated with a score higher than 91/100 are awarded the recognition of 5 Drops. An award given by a group of expert oil sommeliers to products that stand out as excellence in the sector.

We are committed to preserving the quality, aromas and incredible flavors of Tamìa oils. The careful research and production guarantee in our extra virgin olive oils the presence of a high content of polyphenols and marked organoleptic properties.

Tamìa olive oil awarded by Bibenda Guide 2021

The Monocultivar of 100% Italian organic olives, Caninese variety is extracted from the olives of the autochthonous cultivar of the territory of the Tuscia Viterbese totally traced. We harvest the olives in their perfect moment of ripeness to guarantee quality and healthiness.

Tamìa Caninese 100% organic olive oil preserves all the tradition and scents of Tuscia. Rich in polyphenols, precious components for our health, it has a medium/intense fruity smell and a taste that recalls fresh olives and freshly mowed grass, with hints of artichoke and green almond. A harmonious balance between spicy and bitter awarded by Bibenda Guide 2021 with the maximum score of 5 drops.

Bibenda 2021 awarding to Tamia

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