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Gold Awards Special Edition

Special Edition

Pack of 3 x 500ml bottles of the Tamia olive oils that won the “Gold Award” at New York Olive Oil Competition 2021.

Tamìa olive oil is once again confirmed as a product of excellence, capable of exporting Made in Italy overseas and spreading the benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

In the package you will find the extra virgin winner Bronze and the 2 Gold and Caninese organic .

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  • Tamìa Bronze is a cold extracted extra virgin olive oil. Its sweet almond aftertaste is able to conquer all palates because its culinary marriages are almost unlimited. Try it on raw fish, as an ingredient in mayonnaise, in a fruit or vegetable smoothie/centrifuge, as a topping on milk cream ice cream.
  • Tamìa Gold is the cold extracted extra virgin olive oil from the Tuscia area. Its best combinations? Bruschette, omelettes, fried white meat, shellfish appetizers, blue fish au gratin, spaghetti with bottarga, red meat carpaccio and tartare, tuna salad, bean soups, first courses with meat sauce, vegetables au gratin, baked red meat and game, hard cheeses, buffalo mozzarella, but also a teaspoon in baby food.
  • Tamìa Caninese, cold extracted from the olives of the native cultivar of the Viterbo area of Canino, is the organic extra virgin olive oil that preserves the tradition and scents of the beautiful Tuscia. Savor its unique flavor on bruschetta, omelettes, fried fish, legume appetizers, salmon salads, baked fish, tomatoes au gratin, roasted radicchio, asparagus soups, first courses with vegetables, baked blue fish, grilled red meat and game, fresh pasta filata cheeses, a teaspoon in the baby food (recommended).


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