Tamìa Green – Extra-Virgin Olive Oil – Organic Monocultivar Maurino – 500ml


Organic, 100% Maurino

Tamia Green was the first to be extracted 100% from Maurino cultivar olives in mid- October. Organic quality, early harvesting and an exclusive method of extraction give this Extra Virgin Olive Oil a high phenolic content, expressed in an intense fruity flavor that is sweetly bitter with a decidedly grassy taste.

Perfect Serves

Bruschetta, Frittata, Frittata with red meats, Hors d'oeuvres with shellfish, tuna fish, Chick pea or bean salads, Red meat or swordfish marinades, Oily fish and vegetables au gratin, Char-grilled porcino mushrooms, Mushroom soups and risottos, Shellfish in sauce, Roast rabbit, Grilled chicken, Goat cheeses, “Burrata” cheese, A teaspoon in baby's meal (recommended).

Health values

• Polyphenols 445 mg/Kg

• Oleic acid 71,5%

• Acidity 0,30%

• Total tocopherols 370,8 mg/Kg

• Peroxides 5,1 meq O2/Kg

• Hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives 272,9 mg/Kg

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