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Tamia Bronze, the Almond Smell

New Harvest 2020/2021

Its sweet almond flavour will win you over, try it on raw fish, as an ingredient in mayonnaise, in a fruit or vegetable smoothie/centrifuge, as a topping on a milk cream ice-cream… the ways of using the new Tamia Bronze extra virgin olive oil are unlimited.

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Tamia Bronze “Il Mandorlato”, is part, together with Tamia Green “Il Pomodoroso” and Tamia Iron “L’Erbaceo”, of the new line of oils of the highest quality: designed, studied and made by Tamia with only one aim: to create oils to be eaten, without bitter and spicy urges. The aim is to give the consumer a balanced oil that will delight the palate and the function of the oil: to enhance all the ingredients with which it comes into contact without covering the organoleptic characteristics of any of them.

Organoleptic Profile
On the nose: medium intensity green herbaceous fruitiness with sensations of lettuce and sweet green almond

To the taste: bitter aromatic with a slight intensity of grass, flowers and sweet almond, it closes with a very light and short pungency, which again leaves room for the velvety aromas of bitterness.