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Tamia Gold Organic - Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cold Extracted

Organic, Leccino 50%, Frantoio 40%, Maurino 10%, Leccino 50%, Maurino 10%.

New Harvest 2020/2021

Organic certified, Tamia Gold is the extra virgin olive oil of the Tuscia area. The care in the cultivation, the extraction with the most innovative methods and the cultivars used, allow this extra virgin olive oil to contain a very high concentration of polyphenols, decisive elements in the exaltation of aromas and for our health. Intensely fruity, the taste has harmonious sensations of spicy and bitter, accompanied by long herbaceous aromatic notes and freshly picked olives.

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Matching in the kitchen

Bruschette, omelettes, fried white meat, shellfish appetizers, blue fish au gratin, spaghetti with bottarga, carpaccio and red meat tartare, tuna salad, bean soups, first courses with meat sauce, vegetables au gratin, baked red meat and game, mature cheese, hard pasta, buffalo mozzarella, one teaspoon in baby food (recommended).

Organoleptic profile

To the nose

medium intensity green fruitiness, with prevailing hints of fresh grass and green almond.

To the taste

medium bitterness of grass, lettuce and almond, very aromatic and persistent; spicy pepper of medium persistence.

Average nutritional values per 100 ml

Organic Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and only by mechanical processes.

  • Energy value: 824 KCAL – 3389 KJ
  • Total fats: 91.6 G
    • of which saturated fatty acids: 13.6 G
    • of which Monounsaturated fatty acids: 70 G
    • of which polyunsaturated fatty acids: 7.5 G
  • Carbohydrates: 0 G
  • Protein: 0 G
  • Salt: 0 G


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