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Tamia Iron, the Herbal - Bag in Box 3 litres - 100% Made in Italy

Monocultivar of Italian Olives

New Harvest 2020/2021

Its scent of mown grass will astound you, try it on grilled fish and meat, rice salad, bruschetta, blue fish, there are unlimited ways to use the new Tamia Iron extra virgin olive oil.

To the nose
Medium green fruitiness of leaf, artichoke, almond and herbaceous notes.


Aromatic bitterness of medium intensity, it enters the mouth with delicate notes of lettuce grass, artichoke almond and leaf, then leaves room for a long, peppery spiciness of medium persistence and intensity.


Tamia Iron, “The Herbal”, is part, together with Tamia Green “The Tomato Smell” and Tamia Bronze “Almond Smell”, of the new line of high quality extra virgin olive oils for Ho.Re.Ca. customers. Thought, studied and made by Tamia with only one aim: to create oils to be eaten, without bitter and spicy urges, to try to give the consumer a balanced oil, that will delight the palate and the primary function of the oil: to exalt all the ingredients with which it comes into contact, without covering the organoleptic characteristics of any of them.

  • Fresh, complex, persistent taste
  • Flavour enhancer
  • 100% natural
  • Rich in Vitamin E
  • Rich in Bioactive Antioxidants
  • Helps Reduce Cholesterol
  • Helps regulate the intestine
  • High digestibility
  • Recommended from weaning babies and for athletes and the elderly

Matching in the kitchen

Ideal raw and cooked as an ingredient to replace saturated fats: in cakes, bakery products, in oil, marinade, flavouring, sauces, dressing, topping, etc. …

Average nutritional values per 100ML

Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and only by mechanical processes.

Energy value: 824 KCAL – 3389 KJ
Total fats: 91.6 G

of which saturated fatty acids: 13.6 G
of which Monounsaturated fatty acids: 70 G
of which polyunsaturated fatty acids: 7.5 G

Carbohydrates: 0 G
Protein: 0 G
Salt: 0 G


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