Tamia Gold

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Certified Organic, Tamia Gold is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Tuscian territory. Thanks to the care paid to preservation, the extraction process performed using the most innovative methods and the varieties of cultivar used, this Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains an extremely high amount of polyphenols, elements that are essential for enhancing aromas. Grassy and fruity, the flavor of this oil has pungent and bitter sensations, accompanied by long aromatic notes.

Perfect serves

Bruschetta, Frittata, White meat frying, Shellfish starters, Oily fish au gratin, Spaghetti with botargo, Carpaccio and red meat tartar, Tuna salads, Bean soup, First courses with ragout, Vegetables au gratin, Roasted red meats and game, Hard, seasoned cheeses, Buffalo mozzarella ,A teaspoon in baby’s meal (recommended).

Health values

• Polyphenols 408 mg/Kg

• Oleic acid 74%

• Acidity 0,26%

• Total tocopherols 388,2 mg/Kg

• Peroxides 5,4 meq O2/Kg

• Hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives 262,19 mg/Kg

Technical data

  • Name of grove
  • Exposure
  • Altitude
240 slm
  • Average rainfall
1000 mm/year
  • Irrigation
  • Soil
Volcanic origin, medium texture, rich skeleton, well-drained
  • Work processes
Manual pruning, organic treatments and fertilizing
  • BIO control body
Bioagricert Authorised MiPAAF IT BIO 007 N.127303
  • DOP control body
CCIAA Viterbo Public Control Authorities – Reg. CE 1623/05
  • Cultivar
Leccino 50% – Frantoio 40% – Maurino 10%
  • Growing system
Polyconic vase
  • Graft
  • Harvesting method
Hand-picked with the help of electric rakes
  • Olive stocking
Plastic crates with holes
  • Pressing method
System with cold, continuous cycle, with 2 phases and without
the addition of water
  • Filtering
Filters of pure cellulose
  • Bottles size
100ml – 250ml – 500ml

Organoleptic profile

Organoleptic profile

Medium/high degree of fruitiness and medium/high degree of bitterness and piquancy with a hint mainly of fresh almond and light sensations of grass and artichoke




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