Tamia Iron

General Information


Made from the prime cultivar of the Viterbo territory, Tamia Iron is the 100% Canino Extra Virgin Olive Oil that carries with it the tradition and aromas of Tuscia. Organic quality, rich in polyhenols, it has an averagely fruity aroma of fresh grass and, in closing, sensations of artichoke and green almond. It presents harmonic and well balanced notes of spicy and bitter.

Perfect Serves

Bruschetta, Frittata, Fried fish, Hors d’oeuvres with mixed beans, Salmon salads, Fish baked in foil, Tomatoes au gratin, Grilled radicchio, Asparagus soups, Pasta and rice dishes with vegetables, Baked oily fish, Grilled red meats and game, Fresh stretched cheeses, a teaspoon in baby’s meal (recommended).

Health values

• Polyphenols 339 mg/Kg

• Oleic acid 74,1%

• Acidity 0,22%

• Total tocopherols 407,1 mg/Kg

• Peroxides 4,3 meq O2/Kg

• Hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives 208,1 mg/Kg

Technical data

  • Name of grove
Pian di San Martino
  • Exposure
  • Altitude
310 slm
  • Average rainfall
1000 mm/year
  • Irrigation
  • Soil
Volcanic origin, medium texture, rich skeleton, well-drained
  • Work processes
Manual pruning, organic treatments and fertilizing
  • BIO control body
Bioagricert Authorised MiPAAF IT BIO 007 N.127303.
  • DOP control body
CCIAA Viterbo Public Control Authority – Reg. CE 1623/05
  • Cultivar
Canino 100%
  • Growing system
Polyconic vase
  • Graft
  • Harvesting method
Hand picking with the held of electric rakes
  • Olive stocking
Plastic crates with holes
  • Pressing method
System with cold, continuous cycle, 2.5 phases
  • Filtering
Pure cellulose filters
  • Bottles size
100ml – 250ml – 500ml

Organoleptic profile

Organoleptic profile

Averagely fruity and averagely bitter and pungent, with primarily leafy sensations and light hints of green tomato and fresh almond in closing.




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