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Novello Organic 2023

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Organic Olive Oil

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic, Certified, Award-winning

For almost 100 years we have been taking care of olive growing knowledge and traditions as ancient as the land that welcomes us…

bottiglie tamia

The excellence of organic olive oil Made in Italy

Out organic olive oil are produced according to the highest standards of: quality, healthiness, sustainability and traceability:  Organic Farming and Protected Designation of Origin – PDO Tuscia.

Save the planet and save money!

We want to do our part. Our oil must be sustainable for the planet and for families.

Bag in Boxes save 90% of emissions and 70% of waste.
The same quality as always in a large format: protected from light, practical in the kitchen, you don’t waste a single drop.

100% freshness guaranteed 18 months.

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The reasons for our success

Four generations of company history in olive growing

Born in 1928, always careful to respect tradition while keeping up with the times and experimentation. We were among the first to undertake the process of conversion to organic farming.

Our strength starts from the territory

The hills of Tuscia, between Tuscany and Umbria, in the middle of the Mediterranean Italy, with its uncontaminated soils of volcanic origin, rich in minerals, allow us to produce for almost 100 years oils of the highest quality.

We prefer quality over quantity

We harvest the olives in their perfect moment of ripeness, when they are still green and the yield in oil is very low: only in this way we can guarantee a high content of polyphenols and strong organoleptic properties.

Products according to the strictest standards

Quality, healthiness, sustainability and traceability, in some aspects superior to those imposed by the certifications of which they are part, Organic Farming and Protected Designation of Origin - PDO Tuscia.

pietro re consiglia

On your table always as freshly squeezed

We carefully care for the incredible flavors and tastes of Tamìa oils, storing them in modern tanks at constant temperature and without oxygen.

Fruity, bitter and spicy

how the olives from which they are extracted and how they should be the real extra virgin olive oils.

They are not only delicious and organic, but also healthy.

We are among the very few OEVO producers in the world to be able to write on labels that our oils are rich in vitamin E and contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress.

Award-winning for quality and packaging

Our first awards date back to 1931 and 1937 until the international consecration of recent years, which awarded Tamìa oil as the Best Organic Oil in the World at the New York International Olive Oil Competition 2014 and the Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition 2015.