Biol Award 2021: four medals for Tamìa

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Tamia wins four important awards in the 2021 Edition of Biol Award, the most important event dedicated to organic extra virgin olive oil. The olive oils of our company, crowned among the best organic extra virgin oils in the world, are:

The Biol Prize is one of the main international events reserved for organic extra virgin olive oil in which producers from all over the world participate every year. A multiple recognition that certifies the quality of our organic EVOO and, at the same time, makes us proud of the milestone reached within such an important event.

Biol Award: The award for the best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world

The Biol Award was born in Puglia, to be precise in Andria, in 1996 under the pressure of the Italian Consortium for Organic (C.i.Bi.) and the technical staff of the Oil & Quality Program. The Biol Award is undoubtedly “the most important international event of the entire extra virgin olive oil sector” both for the number of participants and for the importance it has for the olive sector.

To certify the quality of the different olive oils there is a jury of expert tasters from all over the world. The evaluation takes place by tasting the different olive oils on the basis of a sheet specifically developed by panel leader Alfredo Marasciulo, which highlights the presence and the intensity of the different flavors.

Participating in the 2021 edition of the Biol Prize were 502 oils from different countries around the world. Among these: Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, Slovenia and Germany, were those with the most producers present.

Therefore, we can only be satisfied with the performance obtained by our company. A confirmation of the fact that the path taken in recent years in the production of organic products and in the dissemination of the culture of extra virgin olive oil is the right one. A path, often uphill and full of obstacles, which fully reflects the philosophy behind our constant work: pursuit of excellence and quality throughout the production process, in full respect of nature and the environment.

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